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Art direction for two immersive installations for Nike ACG at NikeLab 21M in New York and NikeLab 1948 in London. Each installation is related to a specific weather condition, which can be controlled by the visitor. The rain curtain remained a prototype. With and for Random Studio.

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Poster for C/O, contributing to the Art Cologne: MD x BLAU – from and with Tim Berresheim and Hans-Jürgen Hafner: Yet, why paint? Typeface: Oracle by Dinamo.

Identity and interface of Artwishlist, the first purpose-built instant messenger for the art world, to find other collectors, dealers, auctioneers or advisors. With Mario Hombeuel.

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Poster for Room IV by Love Foundation, a network that organizes events for a good cause. Inspired by my favourite childhood anime. Typeface by Dinamo.

Identity and website for Berlin based Gallery Luis Campaña.

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