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Silkscreen poster series, that also work as invitations for the ADC Fall Paper Exposition. I scrumbled a first version of the poster before taking photographs of it at very low aperture. Created during Kevin Brainard's experimental typography class at Parsons.

Corporate design for Institut für Betrachtung (Institute for Contemplation) as dynamic identity. The different perspectives of the extruded version of the letter »B« generate
an infinite amount of logos. Art Direction: Max Kuwertz. Logo Animation: Willem Rabe. Photographs by Folkert Gorter, paintings by Wellcome Images (both under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0). Agency: C/O.

Poster for Henry VIII by William Shakespear. The wedding rings derive from the fact that Henry VIII secretely marries another woman while he is still married to Queen Katherine. Created during Kevin Brainard's experimental typography class at Parsons, New York.

With and for Meiré und Meiré. Design for the front sides of Mike Meiré’s loft kitchen
for nolte neo. Creative Direction by Mike Meiré. Photography by Kai Nielsen.

Inspired by the DIY culture, Europallete Chairs are a study about material and efficiency. The wood from one regular europallete can make three weight bearing, full-sized chairs, that anyone with a screwdriver can easily assemble. Our photo documentation serves as an instruction on how to build three chairs out of one europallete. With Yanik Balzer.

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